Monday, October 4, 2010

10 kelebihan iphone 4g

1. New design. Reportedly, the latest iPhone is more elegant appearance. Iphone casing made mostly of glass, and there is a round aluminum material around the edges. Would weigh a bit heavier than the previous iphone.

2. Smaller screen, better resolution. Latest iPhone screen will be smaller than the iPhone 3GS. But it looks to have a higher resolution.

3. Battery. Resistance of the batteries will be 16% more durable than the iPhone 3GS.

4. Multitasking. Latest iPhone will use the latest iPhone OS, version 4.0. This will help the iPhone OS can run more applications simultaneously non-native. might be up to seven applications.

5. Greater storage capacity. Reportedly, the iPhone will come with 64GB of storage capacity.

6. Camera. Latest iPhone camera quality will be sharper. Some analysts expect Apple will add a 5-megapixel camera on the new iPhone, with a flash light to capture better images in the dark. There is also a mention, the iPhone camera can record video quality High Definition (HD).

7. eBooks. IPhone users will be able to buy and download digital readings from the bookshop Apple, on their handsets.

8. New processor. Latest iPhone reportedly uses Apple’s own processors.

9.Different SIM card. Circulating rumors, the latest iPhone uses a SIM card micro 40% smaller than regular SIM card. But the truth of this news is still uncertain. If indeed Bena, there will be many iPhone users who migrate using micro SIM cards and of course the need for micro SIM cards is predicted to increase.

10. Wireless synchronization. The existence of these features will allow the data can be transferred via a WiFi network from your iPhone to your computer without a USB data cable.

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