Thursday, January 6, 2011

Handphone: Futuristic concept to jeopardize future of handsets

Where is your cell phone at the moment? Stop; don’t trouble yourself searching for it, why search your phone when you need it? Perhaps that’s what you have been doing all the while. Numerous phones have hit the stands, with avant garde technological advancements, yet this Handphone concept, with GSM - UMTS, is one that surely surpasses them all. This device designed to have it to hand and allow you to call using a natural gesture, features voice control for activation and dial memorized numbers. The fingers of the hand make the right size for it, as the microphone can be put very near the mouth and the speaker almost inside the ear to facilitate communication in the most nosiest of spaces aswell. It is easy to wear the handphone owing to its simple design that uses elastic string, which can be rolled around the middle finger and the wrist. Wearing the phone could be normal and trouble-free just like wearing a watch, ring or bracelet. And for the sheer reason of trend – the fashionistas can find elastic string in different colors, none would like missing this futuristic jewel, therefore check out more pictures after the jump.




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