Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nokia Kinetic concept prototype

Nokia Kinetic concept prototype

After a while, you start to wonder what other innovations can possibly come into the mobile phone industry. And then, you are treated to devices like the Nokia Kinetic concept phone. Here it’s shown in prototype form. It’s not an official Nokia concept, so don’t get your hopes up just yet. The Nokia Kinetic comes from university student Jeremy Innes-Hopkins, but it does prove to have a very interesting idea. You see, there’s an electromagnet in its base. When a call comes in (or any number of other events), the phone can stand up. You can then push it back down to reject the call.

The Nokia Kinetic certainly has a stranger form factor, with its bulbous base and slim top, but that almost adds to its unique appeal. It also helps that Innes-Hopkins worked on the project with former Nokia designer Silas Grant. He was the one that worked on phones like the Nokia 8800 Scirocco.

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